Words to Inspire You

Sometimes words come to me.  I have always enjoyed reading books and trying my hand at writing my own best seller (I still have those unfinished books from my adolescent years tucked away in my trunk!).  The words of other writers, oracles, and priestesses have served to open my heart so that my own memories and words could come pouring out.

Now that the writing prompts are over from the writing group I joined a few months ago, (and I didn't even finish them all) I started looking back through some of my pictures that I took on my Run Away trips this summer and words began to bubble up to the surface unsolicited.  I'm going to share some of that with you here as well as some of the not-so-fun-to-read-about-but-still-exciting-news marketing of things coming up because I am excited about them and want you to know and to be able to get some things on your calendar.  I also want you to be able to cross some things off of your bucket list and maybe even get a head start on crossing things off of your shopping list for the holidays!

P.S.  I have recently received some very sweet emails from some of you, my devoted readers, and want you to know how very grateful I am that you take the time to share how these Goddess Diaries have inspired you. It means the world to me that you enjoy reading my thoughts and my words and that you enjoy accompanying me in this adventure of Life.

And the Birds...a writing

And the birds...they came in like prayers. Pure and white and floating in on the breeze to rest in the arms of branches, cradled gently there through the darkest hours of the night.

And the birds....calling out to God, the Universe, the Goddess... wings fluttering like the nervous heartbeats of the senders, mingling together like tears and laughter, believing and trusting and hoping to be heard, to be answered.

And the birds....living breathing testaments to the miracles that can happen, to the miracles that happen every day all around us. Miracles that inspire us when we choose to stop and look up to notice them. Miracles that choose us when we surrender and look up because there's nowhere else to look.

And the birds...their feathers fanning the faintest memories of a scent, a smile, a laughter, a touch. Memories we cherish and long to go back to. Memories that we go over and over again in our hearts and minds so that we will never forget the feelings, the textures, the sounds, the love.

And the birds...they come as signs. Pure and white and floating in on the breeze. Signs that we are loved, we are watched over, and that our prayers are heard.


Time Out...a writing

I took a Time Out today because there was no where else to go but Me. 

There were words and feelings and tears, brick streets and shiny cars and sunsets, jazz and chocolate and boats docked in the water. 

I felt lost but not alone. 

I felt alone but not weak. 

I felt weak but not defeated. 

I felt. 

I owned it. 

With Me I am safe, I am home.


The Moon...a writing

Sep 30, 2016

Tonight is my favorite phase of the moon...The New Moon. I heard some words come in....

"The deep aching, the unfathomable trench of darkness our souls hold at bay...tonight is the new moon. Dark. Silent. Alone. Sitting in the stillness between a thousand points of light...the stardust we are made of, shining in the darkness. We are not alone. We are connected in the magic cauldron of the ethers where love calls us Home."


Insider thoughts

These are some of the words that have come to me lately, either while looking at my images or while I was in them.  When they come to me it is almost as if I am in a trance, listening only to my Muse who knows all the best ways to string words together.  If I don't save them or write them down in a place other than the computer keyboard, I risk losing them and their magic ... forever ... because once they have come in and gotten themselves out, the trance is lifted and I find myself sitting there on the couch or in that room reading the words I have written and thinking,

"How did I do that?!"

Many times it happens right here in these Diaries.  And it always happens in a reading.  

There is wisdom inside of you, untapped.  Don't be afraid of losing your mind.... be afraid of not being able to lose yourself to the moment, the feelings, the images, the words, the insight, the wisdom.

It is all there patiently waiting for you.  Step into it...bravely.

Sending you so much love....