Do It Again

How many times have you experienced a life lesson only to have it come back in some aspect so that you are left feeling like the Universe is hitting you over the head with a lesson you didn't quite master the first (twelve) times around?  I'm sure that has happened to more than one of you more than once.

One of the biggest reasons this happens is NOT the Universe chastising you for lessons unlearned.  It is a way for the Universe to show you just how far you've come and just how strong you have been and just how much better you handle this situation than you did 3 weeks ago.  The main area this happens is in relationships and this can be an arena filled with lots of self-doubt, regrets, and wondering if you did the right thing.  

Remembering that you ALWAYS do the right thing always choose the path that you need to experience the most, even if it is unfathomable in this moment.  There are different experiences with each choice in life.  There are different lessons and growth to be gained in each relationship you have.  Trust that the Universe actually has your back on things rather than thinking that it is conspiring against you behind your back.

As I stated earlier, relationships are filled with so much emotion that these lessons are sometimes the hardest ones to navigate because we get filled with self-conscious self-doubt.  Many times we come back into contact with a past relationship just when we think we are "over it" and it ends up stirring up a lot of questions and mixed emotions inside.

"What if" is the biggest question....

  • What if you had just not been so firm in your beliefs?
  • What if you had just not gotten so angry about that indiscretion?
  • What if you had just stayed?
  • What if you had left earlier?
  • What if you had said what you really felt rather than try to cover it all up?

If you have come to a place in your life where you feel the Universe is presenting you with that person you thought you had finished with know that it is not always for the reason that you need to be getting back together.

Many times, you come across these individuals to show you how strong you have become...  

  • It only made you cry for 5 minutes rather than the 5 days it would have 5 months ago.  
  • You saw the red flags much sooner than you would have before
  • You knew what you needed to do in this situation right away rather than being filled with confusion

During my course,  Navigating Mercury Retrograde, you discover the connection between the loving goddess Mut and the powerful goddess Sekhmet.  Working through the past with Mut is especially transformative when you also listen to the guidance of Sekhmet.  At the Temple of Mut complex in Karnak, there was a walkway lined with statues of the goddess Sekhmet.  Sekhmet is always there when we need to find our voice and our power during transitions.  She is there to give us strength and to guide us deep into our souls to find our own strength.

So whether you are working through this Mercury Retrograde in the arena of relationships or perhaps finding yourself being presented with other lessons you thought you had mastered, know that you can call upon Sekhmet for help and strength.  She is always there to help you move forward in your life even when you feel like you are moving backward...and during times of Mercury Retrograde, we can certainly be feeling this directional pull more that other times of the year.

Use this energy to go back...go back into your past and know that you made the right decisions.  Know that you did what you needed to do for yourself and see all the ways in which this brought your strength out and all the ways in which this moved you forward in your life.  

You've come a long way, baby!

Sending you so much love...