The Secrets Hidden in Silence

The Brooklyn Museum is not as popular an attraction in NYC as the Metropolitan Museum of Art (which was absolutely amazing, btw) but it had some interesting artifacts from ancient Egypt.  More familiar with the Old Kingdom, I felt a little lost inside the Middle and New Kingdom exhibits but enjoyed them as well.  The Old Kingdom exhibit hall was closed, which I was disappointed to discover as there were artifacts there I wanted to see.

Meretseger had other plans for me!

I first came across her when I was organizing my retreat to Serpent Mound in Ohio a few years ago and was touched by her strength.  As a musician and sound healer I was intrigued by the meaning of her name, She Who Loves Silence.  How powerful!

As I stood there in awe of her, she whispered to me,

"Play my name."

I have wanted to play her name since I met her but felt the power of her silence more than anything and honored that.  Now I felt as if I had her blessing and that the song would be just as she wanted it to be.

Oh, to play her name on this a  ancient harp!!!  

I felt her message not so much, initially, about the music but about the silence and the power of that vast empty space filled with just itself...nothing more.  The power it takes to stay silent, sometimes, is much greater than the strength it takes to speak your mind.  Sometimes silence speaks in ways that words and music cannot.

So I mapped out the notes of her name and began to play them.  It was a short song and repetitious but hauntingly beautiful.  After playing her song for about 15 minutes I curled up with a book I received as a gift while I was in Chicago this past fall called, The Mythic Harp by Sarajane Williams.  I opened to where I left off and read what she had to say about the Cosmic Harp.  She says,

"...According to this theory (Superstring Theory), real space time has ten dimensions which include our usual four dimensions (height, width, depth, and time).  The other six dimensions form a compacted space or shadow world which is invisible to us at ordinary energies.  The strings of force or vibrating waves are like the strings of a harp because they vibrate at a characteristic frequency and harmonic.

".....The next time you pluck a harp string, envision the cosmic harp.  A sound vibration is called forth out of silence, creating a musical space, which eventually dissolves again into silence."

Wow, right?  Again, I find validation in my work and my words.  



                                     The power of music and silence.

In Sound Healing there is an important part of the healing process which takes place in the silence after the sound.  It is where the sound is allowed to permeate and transform and heal in that sacred space created by the memory of the sound.

This week I encourage you to invite Meretseger into your presence and allow her to come to you "as a sweet breeze" and fill the silent spaces with her love and wisdom.  To support you and guide you into her loving presence, please feel free to download her song,

Song of Silence


While I was in NYC,   I stayed at the historic Paramount Hotel and saw the interesting snake design on the face of the building as I was walking in one night.

 I think Meretseger was there waiting for me!

And last night, I dreamed of snakes...beautiful, powerful cobras puffed up in front of people lying on the ground.  I remember being unafraid but in awe of that beautiful flared hood as it rose from the earth and waved in the air above.

Meretseger.  She Who Loves Silence.  Protector. Provider.  Healer.  Teacher.  

She is with us all....