Walking Between Worlds

I don't have a special connection with owls but today they seem to have a special connection to me.  As soon as I walked in the door to give readings today this beautiful little white owl caught my eye.  I'm sure he has been sitting there for a while but today was different and so I have been immersed in Owl Wisdom, or rather trying to discern its message for me ... and for you.  I say 'immersed' because then I was shown by a friend the new earrings that came in and then noticed the adorable little owls on them.  Then I noticed a ring that was set aside to be purchased...a lovely owl portrait.

Yes, they had my attention!

To me the owl represents that which is hidden, the Underworld and spirits of the dead.  It is filled with magic and secrecy and things that can't be explained.  As I was mulling over the topic for this week's Diary I was led to share with you what it is like to Walk Between Worlds.  

Over the weekend, as well as today, I did numerous readings and the mediumship that was included in each one was so incredibly powerful and healing for my clients.  Tears were shed when loved ones came through in surprising way and with facts that only pertained to them. Laughter rang out when I described their quirky personalities. Eyes were opened wide in amazement when I said someone's name.I used to tell my friend, another psychic medium, all the time, 

"I'm not a medium."

"Yes, you are," she would always say.

It is not something I wanted to open up.  The spirits of the dead feel different energetically than angels, ascended masters and deities...they feel heavier and "cobwebby".  They come in at any time and disrupt my thinking and how I feel.  They come uninvited.  I wanted to express and explore my gifts but I also wanted to feel and function as a HUMAN.  Over time, I learned how to regulate contact with them and how to hear them better so that I could give helpful and healing information to their loved ones here who were sometimes so desperate to hear from them.

I think that is why the owl is with me today.  I have been open to my mediumship abilities for a few years now and perhaps this little white owl was just there as a way for the spirits to tell me "Thank you."

It is not just the gift of mediumship that takes place for me in the spaces between worlds where I walk.  It is all over...in the temple teachings, in the hieroglyphs, in the music I play...hidden deep within the sands of time, buried and waiting patiently to be discovered at just the right moment...that potent moment just when it is needed most.

It is the gift of walking between worlds that I bring to my courses, my readings, my music, and even my photography.  Everything is filled with the most amazing light and tiny little gems of wisdom that once you begin to unearth them you realize how big they actually are.

I hope that you will take some time to listen to my music, come to a concert or a workshop or a reading and allow yourself to walk with me in the space between worlds where healing and magic happen.

Come walk between worlds with me.....