Hathor Makes Her Presence Known

The first time I met Hathor, she introduced herself to me in a channeling workshop.  We were all seated in a circle, the lights of the room were turned off so that we were in utter darkness, and a cd of music played that was designed to bring us into a trance-like state so that we could move deep into a meditative state and meet or invoke the Being that wanted to speak through us.   For me, I was certain I would walk along the path in my mind and cross the bridge to find Archangel Uriel there seated on the bench waiting for me.  I walked along the path in my mind with confidence and crossed the bridge in anticipation but there was no one seated on the bench waiting for me.  So I sat on the bench in my mind and waited, asking for his presence and waiting.  Soon a Being appeared through the foggy air and I asked to know their name.  

I am Hathor”, she said.

“No,”  I replied, “I am waiting for Uriel.”

I waited a little longer and a Being appeared and I eagerly asked to know their name.  Again I heard,

I am Hathor”, she said.

“No,”  I replied again, “I am waiting for Uriel.”

This happened about two more times and on the fourth time, I asked to know their name.

I am Hathor”, she said.

“Alright, you are Hathor!”  I replied with exasperation.


WHOOSH!!!!!!  The rush of energy dropping into me in that moment was overwhelming and more powerful than I had ever experienced before!  My heart raced and my breathing sped up to try and keep up.  My crown chakra was buzzing and wide open, my throat felt as cavernous as the Grand Canyon and I could not speak a single word.  At that time there were no words, just this massive connection between Hathor and my little human body.  I just kept breathing and holding her energy, getting used to her vibration.  When I felt that I had been pushed as far as I wanted to go in that moment I began to feel her moving out and away.  

We were all guided back into our bodies and back into the present time and place and my first response was, “What’s a Hathor?!”  I had no idea who she was but I knew that she had found me and that she had plans for me.

(Hathor is an Egyptian goddess of the sky, love, fertility, music, the arts, mothers and children, and beauty.  She is often depicted as a cow-headed woman or with the body of a cow.  In the temple of Hatshepsut, the queen is depicted in the artwork as being suckled by the Goddess to show that she was a daughter of this Goddess and a Divine Being herself.  There is more to her story but this gives you an introduction to her.)

That was about 12 years ago.  Fast forward to the Present…..

My trip to Egypt I felt was going to be a huge Reset Button for me in my life.  I asked for change.    I prayed for strength and understanding. I prayed for guidance...and I have felt all of this and more since my return.  Some of the Muggle transitions have been tough and I am still moving through them but noticing that I am getting so much stronger, but my work is flowing and I am being connected to the most amazing experiences whose synchronicities cannot be poo-pooed away.  

My music and sound healing have been at the forefront and I have been led to others whose path with music and sound healing are in alignment with my own.  There is a sense of guidance and a knowing that, even though I can’t see the Big Picture exactly, it is beginning to take shape and I am continuing to follow it and inviting the magic and the adventure and the abundance it is not only promising but delivering.

I reconnected with my sweet roomie from Egypt today and we were sharing our experiences since returning home.  She has written some truly beautiful blog posts about her own connections with the neteru during our time in Egypt (Divine Gods and Goddesses) and then began sharing with me her new venture into sound healing and channeling sound, specifically with Hathor.  What?!  Between this conversation and another similar conversation just last week I felt that indeed Hathor was present and guiding something truly wonderful.

Tonight I was just sitting here on my couch, minding my own business texting a friend and scrolling through some emails when I felt this familiar WHOOSH of energy.  It lingered and so I pulled out my harp, mapped out the name of this powerful goddess and began to play.  A few hours later I texted my friend to ask if she had been channeling her tonight because I was feeling the strong connection and she confirmed it...right down to the time frame I felt it here….and she is in Louisiana!!!!

I wanted to share this with you so that you would understand a little more about the connection and the healing power that is possible with these amazing neteru and that they are HERE, NOW, waiting to sit down beside you and be a part of your life...to help you create a beautiful life that, although it is not free from pain or struggle, it is a life that is richer and fuller and woven with texture and color, vibrance and … magic.  I don’t think there is a better word for it than that.

I hope that I have been able to convey the power of this entire experience in this lengthy Diary.  I invite you to explore the hidden world of the Ancient Egyptian neteru for yourself, to tune in to what is trying to transpire in your own life, and to open to the possibilities that are waiting for you.  You may not always see where it is ultimately going to lead you but you will have a good idea and you will know that it is going to be incredible.