Hathor, Goddess of the Moon

The Egyptian goddess Hathor is a goddess of fertility, celebrations, protection, the arts, beauty, and the moon. She is also a goddess of music.  She dances with my fingers across the strings of my harp and while Nuit initially shared with me how to use numerology to write music, Hathor has led me into a new realm and way of playing music in addition to its connection to numerology...the Music of the Spheres.  All of the planets that rule the signs of the zodiac have a tone with which they are aligned and this is something that has been mapped out for centuries.  It is something that I was aware of (in the back of my mind somewhere) but one that Hathor instructed me to use for the meditational music during this course.

I mapped out the tones for each sign of the zodiac and began to sit with Hathor to play the song of the Full Moon in Leo.  It is absolutely unlike anything I have played before.  I felt her presence, I felt her breathe into the strings and guide my fingers and ooooohhhhh!!!  The music that it became was so powerful and beautiful and I can't wait to share it with you!  I can't wait to play each sign and feel the guidance of Hathor as she brings out the music that she wants to share with you as you move through this journey with her!  I can't wait for you to experience her music in this way!

When I saw and noticed the moon a few weeks ago, Hathor's great horns and smile were evident as she was waxing from her dark phase, redressing herself slowly from the shadows.  I think that is my favorite phase...the new moon and the next few days as she sits quietly in the sky among the stars just smiling down at the world below.  It's as if every month she basks in the mysteries of her magic and waits patiently for us to hear her whisper.  Her whisper to remember ourselves deeper.  Her whisper to tap into our intuition.  Her whispers to trust our dreams and let our emotions teach us ways to evolve.

A few years ago I offered a twice monthly Moon Message and it was such a wonderful way to connect and stay connected with the heart and soul of the moon in my life.  This time, it feels different.  It feels imperative and compelling and so transformational.  It feels deep and cyclical and full of hope for the future.  It feels alive!

Do you ever sit under the moon and feel her gazing down on you?  Do you hear her whisper between the stars in your dreams?

I do...and I know that she is there whispering to you, too.