The Magician, the Musician, and the Muse

Music.  One of the greatest gifts we are given in life and what a wonderful thing that it is so good for the soul!  The more I play my harp and the more I play my harp to the tune of someone's name the more I am in awe of the power and the magic that it offers.  I truly cannot explain the magic or the healing that the music pulls into someone's soul but I can attest that it is a Real Thing.  I've seen it over and over.

8 Years Ago

This Thing I do with music was Divinely Guided by the Egyptian sky goddess Nuit during this time of the year about 8 years ago.  I was practicing my harp and playing written music exclusively for my first year when she came and sat down beside me.  She shared with me her story of separation from her husband, her longing for him, and asked me to play her song.  I was a little surprised by that request and asked her just how to do that.  She led me to a way of composing music based on numerology and the names of things and I wrote her song.  It's called The Longing and is one of my favorite songs to play.  It is also the first song I ever composed!

A few weeks later she came to me again while I was playing another song and asked me to play her song.  I prepared to change keys and she said, "No.  Play it just as you did first but in this key."  For those of you who understand music, The Longing is in G minor...I was now going to play it in G major.  The difference was tangible and as I played I could see them laughing and loving each other.  When I finished she said to me, "That is our love story."  

Fast forward to a few more weeks later and I was playing my harp at a local art gallery for an open house.  A woman came over to listen to me and we started talking about my music and how I compose.  I asked for her name and offered to play her song...something I had not ever done the name of a human person other than an Egyptian deity!

So right there in the art gallery she sat down and I mapped out her name and began to play her song.  After a few minutes I finished, looked up and tears were streaming down her face.  She told me that she had not thought of herself as beautiful until she heard me play her song.  I asked how old she was and she told me she was 76.

Since then, I have played dozens of names and each time, the notes wind their way into my fingers and back out into their hearts and bring healing, insight and understanding.  I have played soul songs for pets, deceased loved ones, and brides and grooms during their wedding ceremony.  

There is magic in the music and you are my muse.


Want to know what people are saying about their song?

"I listened to my song three times in my meditation room. I cried immediately. It felt like a warm hug. My soul responded immediately as well. I've never felt my soul move to the surface as it did, I felt energy moving on my skin as if the soul wanted to reach out to touch the music. The song gave peace and comfort each time I listened. The word joy came to me as well. This arrived at the proper time, I'm immensely grateful. Thank you for listening to spirit and creating these songs." -- Angela

"During a time when my true nature was not fully comprehensible and unable to be uttered into words, Auset created my Soul Song.  Auset surrendered to the eternal wisdom of the universe and allowed herself to be the instrument in which the rhythm of my true nature was conveyed.  When she sent the email, she hinted to the sweetness and expansiveness of the song; and, oh boy, was she right! I was in love at the first sound of her fingers gliding across the strings of her magical harp. The song immediately grounded me, gave me comfort, and reminded me of my connection with the universal One and the eternal love that forever burns in my heart and soul. I now meditate with my song each day as a reminder to be grounded, loving, and connected.  Thank you!"  -- Sonya

"Oh, thank you so much! It's so beautiful and I have never been so moved through so many emotions by a song before. It made we laugh and cry and smile as I listened to it. Very powerful and beautiful. I'm so glad I crossed paths with you and was able to receive this wonderful gift. It's a wonderful service you offer!" -- Jessica

"I am finally able to put words to how beautiful it feels to me. The first time I heard it, even just the first notes reached so deep inside that it brought tears to my eyes.  Every time I hear it, it has the same effect.  It must be the recognition of Self that makes it so deeply touching.  I think it is the most beautiful music I have ever heard.  I can listen to it over and over again every day.   You have such a wonderful talent and I am so glad you shared it with me. I am now trying to figure out how I can give this as a gift to all my friends.   Maybe for their birthdays.  :-) Thank you, thank you, thank you!" -- Cyndy