Past Lives...a writing

The past, the present, the future

All the lines are intersecting

The planets are aligning and

Stars are being born


There is stardust in your eyes

I remember it from long ago and

From a far away place

That feels like just yesterday


My heart knows you

My skin breathes the same air we did

when we were just thoughts


Breathing with the moon


Bone stacks upon bone and

There are mirrors that show us

The way back to ourselves

And we remember the past like it was



And although we remember the way back

The journey is filled with adventure

As if there is some unseen light inside that knows the way

Guiding us back through Time into the present

As though we have been stricken with




The laughter, the smiles

The feelings of adoration that at times

Fill our hearts so full it spills

Over the banks of our eyes

And we are in awe


In awe of this journey that has brought us

Back to this place in Time

Lifetimes stacked upon each other

Breathing together

Remembering the stardust in each other's eyes


While the moon watches from above

Knowing that this, too, shall pass

And we will join her once again

With the stars


But for now

For tonight

For the next unforeseen amount of Tomorrows

We are once again

Together at last