Trying to Get Out of Dodge

Holy Cannoli, Batman!  

I saw a sign....I KNOW I did!  I thought it was a good one but there were hidden adventures in there.

The night before I was to leave for Egypt, I was working on the computer to get all the last minute Things wrapped up so I could really start to breathe into the trip.  That's when I saw it.  A message from my favorite Guide....Google!!!

Right there on my screen was the dung beetle, aka as an Egyptian god, Khepera.  He is a god of light and creation.  He helps us transform our lives, to turn the mess into something beautiful, to see the possibilities in a glass half full.  He encourages us to just keep pushing through the shit...he's doing that in the drawing!

Initially I saw it as a good sign, that my trip was being watched over by the Universe and that it would be a powerful experience.  So far, I am still looking for that as I sit in the Chicago airport waiting to catch my flight a day later.

My itinerary was flawless.  There was plenty of cushion time built in to get to Chicago, get my bag, get back through security and to my flight to Egypt (that in and of itself is another story...I learned you should never buy two tickets!) But even the best made plans are not immune to change and mine was quietly brewing and in the midst of transformation.  My flight from Indy was delayed, then delayed again, then I had to switch flights to another that was also delayed and before I knew it, I was not in a good position at all to make my next flight even though they had checked my bag all the way through.

Waiting with optimism

So, it was a long day of waiting in Indy then a long evening in Chicago riding the shuttle bus numerous times between terminals trying to sort out my ticket and just get out of Dodge already which I was beginning to realize was NOT going to happen.  Throughout the day I had been texting a friend and keeping her up to speed on my misadventures of traveling.  She was working in Chicago and so once I realized I was delayed in Chicago for 24 hours, she came to pick me up so that I didn't have to sleep in the airport or pay for a hotel.  I didn't have my bag and wasn't actually sure where it was at this point...somewhere in Chicago waiting for me to board a plane or in Cairo wondering why I had abandoned her....but it was great to have a bed and a hot shower!

Today I got to the airport plenty early (10:30 a.m. to be exact) to get things sorted out and find my luggage only to discover that the airline personnel doesn't come in until around 3:00 or 3:30.

So, here I sit with LOADS of time to send you a little note and to give you something to think about that was perhaps a bit different from my original topic.

How do you want to FEEL?

When things go "wrong" you can't look at it from the perspective that the Universe is out to get you, that nothing ever goes right, or that now something is ruined.  I mean, you CAN, but it goes back to what I'm always asking, "How do you want to FEEL?"  Do you want to feel these things and go through life feeling like this, OR are you willing to step back from it all and look into it deeper to find the benefits of it?  There is a much bigger picture there.  I promise.  Life really is about The Journey.

For myself, while I AM wondering why I missed that flight (I AM human after all!") I am also wondering who I need to be sitting beside today, how can I make a difference for someone today that was really going to need that smile or encouraging word, and what adventures are waiting for me when I do make it to Egypt.  

All of this is not to say that I don't feel exhausted or disappointed or upset that plans did not go the way I thought they would or wanted them to.  I do.

But as I sit here typing to you, I have already seen how my delay has helped one person!  The man I was sitting beside got up and started to walk off.  As he did, his wallet fell out of his pocket but he didn't notice.  IDK if he would have just continued to walk and no one else would have noticed his wallet lying on the seat beside me and then he would have run into major issues later today while trying to travel with his family and small children, but I like to think that perhaps that small event in his life was one of the reasons I was delayed.  The Universe was giving him a little help today through me, whose plans got a little off track.

Haven't you ever watched those movies about how the lives of people from completely different parts of the world converge in a single pivotal moment?  I LOVE those movies!!!

Is it egotistical thinking to think that there is no one in the world who can make a difference like me?  No, because it's true!  No one can make a difference like me...and I can't make a difference like anyone else.

So today I leave you with 3 questions:

  1. How do you want to feel?
  2. What will you do to feel that way?
  3. How can you make a unique difference in the world around you?


I have so much more to share, but I will let it marinate more and share that in another note to you.  In the meantime, share with me your thoughts on these 3 questions....I want to hear ALL about it!  You can also hop over to my SHOP and get in on the Desire Map and start mapping out a life you desire, and that desires you right back.

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