Lunar Eclipse Magic

"May you find magic where there seems to be none, light within the darkness, and pleasant company all along the way."  

I wrote this little Irish blessing inspired quote on my Facebook wall a few years ago.  It popped up in my On This Day and since I really liked it, I copied and pasted and shared it again this year.  Little did I know, the Universe was listening and quite literally creating some magic, light within the darkness and pleasant company for me.

Life is good.  Sure, sometimes it's a struggle, I'm still human after all, but I've really taken time with my pain to honor it and explore it and lay it to rest as best I can to allow everything that is new and wanting to come into my life room to settle in and grow.  I still have my words for the year that I decided to carry over from last year (I shared those in my previous Goddess Diaries) and they are busy manifesting themselves already...and it's only the first of February!  

2018 has started off astrologically with a lovely lunar eclipse and I have been trying to tap in and be aware of its significance and message for me in my life and the world at large.  In the midst of that, living life, putting out little fires here and there, letting go and going deeper I felt tired in my soul. My body was tired and my spirit was tired and I took some time out to spend with my nieces and great nieces.  The day before the big celestial event I took care of my two-year old great niece to give her mom a break after her foot surgery.  

We went to the mall for lunch and so I could shop for some things for an upcoming photo shoot with a photographer friend.  While we ate lunch we watched people riding the escalator and she was very intrigued so we went to check it out.  I helped her on and off the first time and after that she was ready to ride it again!  We walked around the mall, looked at sparkly bridal shoes and purple cufflinks and had a great time riding up and down on the escalator!  Life with a two year old goes at a different pace and at the end of the day, she fell asleep in her carseat and I was tired, too.  

I've been needing to get back into my yoga practice because my body is hurting and needing it badly.  I've also been needing to get back to my morning smoothies packed with protein and other good things for my body so I had stopped at the store and gotten the ingredients to begin that new regimen the following morning.  I fixed dinner and found myself very tired and falling asleep on the couch around 8:30 so I decided to go to bed, get a good night's sleep so I could be up early enough to do all the things I wanted to do for better health.  

Like all good children do when they are tired, I mused about the silence of my phone on any given day and my very different isolated-feeling life as a single person and wishing that I could just go hide out where no one would find me, because they wouldn't even notice I was gone anyway (yeah....just like a tired two year old, a little over-dramatic but nothing too serious).  As I was getting ready to crawl into bed, however, the Universe had other plans for me!!!

A friend texted asking if I wanted to get up and go out to photograph the lunar eclipse.  OH!!!  YES!!!  I had actually forgotten and knew that I needed to get up and do that, especially after feeling the power of the solar eclipse last August.  Embracing the eclipses has been like embracing a new direction and destiny and during this time of reconstruction it feels so good to have that celestial support.  

I love BEING up early...not so much the GETTING UP early, but I got things arranged with her and set my alarm for 4:00 a.m.  After getting things arranged with her, I checked Facebook (as is my vice) and re-read my post for the day and thought, "Wow!  It is happening!"  I fell asleep feeling loved by the sky, wrapped in blankets of stars and moons and magic.

I hit the snooze until 4:25 then hit the shower and was out the door by 5:00. Right on schedule! After I picked her up we opened up the nearest Starbucks and drove out the the country where we could find open fields and wide open skies.  We enjoyed our time connecting and chatting along the way, as we had only just met last November and hadn't really spent much time together.

We shared stories of hard times, moving, transitions, our love for photography and stillness, and loving horses as we sat and waited for the clouds to clear.  The moon popped out every so often to tease us, but it was beginning to look as if the cloud cover was going to be too thick and we would just be sitting there, together, in the car parked at the edge of a cornfield with our coffees under the magical glow of a shrouded eclipse. Other friends were posting of heavy cloud cover on social media so we decided to head to breakfast!


The Universe helped me find magic in my life where there seemed to be none, showed me the light within the darkness by placing me under the clouds during a lunar eclipse at sunrise, and arranged for me to enjoy pleasant company along the way.

As I was finishing up this email to you, I received a notification that someone "Liked" one of my posts .... "All I can say is that I know this year is going to be epic, magical, full of adventure, abundance and all the Good Things. Keep your chin up, baby, we're goin' places!"

Tell do YOU feel supported by the Universe?  I can't wait to hear all about it!!!

Tell me here!!!