Independence Day...for you and for me

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How was YOUR Independence Day?

I got up at 5:30 AM on July 4th to participate in a 5K walk and while on the walk I was really struck by the fact that today is Independence Day. It's powerful to realize ways in which you've unleashed your own independence, isn't it? Today might just be the day you unleash a little more.

As I walked those excruciating last 2 miles     (I really had to pee!) I walked alone. I walked independently of all that has happened to me. I walked uninhibited by the past and just kept looking forward, forward, forward.

I had grandiose plans to walk that 5K in record time, but I soon realized that was NOT going to happen, so I just kept walking, and listening, and healing all the places that needed to be healed by walking alone, in a crowd of people, on Independence Day.

MY Independence Day. my own personal Groundhog Day movie. It gets better each day.

If fear is holding you back, embrace it and bring it along for the ride.

Sending you so much love. You got this!

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