Enter into the New...the Nu: A Place of Potentiality

Guidance from the Ancient Ones of Egypt

The Ancient Egyptians believed in the possibility of more than just one thing at a time.  They believed that multiple planes of existence could coexist simultaneously. There was more than one creation story and there was more than one possibility of reality.  They were a little like Alice in Wonderland, “believing in at least 6 impossible things before breakfast.”

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This sacred space that held all of this possibility was called the Nu, or the Nun.  It was the primordial water full of life, full of potential. It was the Beginning and the place of creation.  In fact, it was the place where all of life began.  

Not only was the Nun a place, but it was also a Divine Being, a God named Nun.  He was sometimes represented as a frog or a frog-headed man, as this was a part of the creation story known as the Ogdoad.  In this creation story, Thoth, the god of wisdom and creation, pulled four pairs of beings out from the primordial water and each were represented by frogs and serpents.  The frog, or masculine, representation of the water was called Nun.

Thoth, in all his wisdom, stood there at his cauldron and stirred the pot.  He chanted over it and called forth all of these beings 

    • Nun and Nunet (Water)

    • Heh and Hauhet (Eternity)

    • Kuk and Kuaket (Darkness)

    • Amun  and Amunet (Air)

This is known as the Ogdoad and was a part of the creation stories most followed in a place called Hermopolis, the religious center/city of Thoth.  When all of these things are in balance, chaos cannot take over.

Simple ways to weave this magic into your everyday life

And this is where you are in this moment….here in the beginning….a place full of potential.  Standing at your cauldron, full of wisdom but perhaps forgetting what all of that wisdom IS exactly.  Perhaps you feel more like you are there swimming in the abyss of that cauldron full of Nu….not quite formed yet but just under the surface waiting to emerge.

Sometimes, whether you feel that you are under the water or standing at the edge of the cauldron, there are areas of murkiness and undercurrents that can drag you down and overwhelm you.  These emotions are completely normal and a part of life, but they don’t have to get the upper hand.  

Every story of Ancient Egypt can give you the keys to unlocking your greatest potential.  By looking at all the moving parts and undercurrents, and by listening with all parts of your being, you can gain insight into what’s holding you back and cultivate the mindfulness that you need to overcome it.  

I’m here to help you move into this wisdom swimming in the cauldron of your soul!  

There are ways to move through the chaos, the emotions, the overwhelm, and I’m here to help you understand these Egyptian Mysteries and pull all of that into your life to empower you and support you

You can overcome the chaos lurking in your subconscious, and even the chaos that is right there staring you in the face, by fully embodying the energetic archetype of the Nun.  Remember that you have limitless potential swimming inside of you. Tap deep into the waters of your soul and pull out whatever it is you want to create.  

You can even pull out the parts of you that are the Darkness and the Eternity.  What are the parts of you that you feel are Dark? What are the parts of you that are unsure of the past, present or future?

Know that you have the power to create...to pull out of your Self….anything you can imagine.

But what exactly does this look like?

Putting it into practical applications for you: Explorations with the Nun  

We’re going to get into the deep fertile mud deep inside your creative soul and to get there, let’s start by clarifying those murky places. If you like to write things down, do that….grab your pen and paper/your journal and fill the page with the explorations below. If you’d rather just read through these and then sit with your thoughts, mindfully. Be in this moment now with your innate wisdom and let it flow into you.

It’s important to do this in the way that feels right for you.


  • Where are you feeling overwhelmed? Write it out in black and white (or lots of colors if you prefer).  Describe it, use run-on sentences and maybe sprinkle in some words that would make your grandmother blush, if that feels right to you….don’t hold back!  

  • Many times overwhelm begins with trying to DO All.The.Things and we’re not really meant to be that intense 24/7.  Begin to really explore what’s the worst possible thing that could happen if you were to stop all the Do-ing. Again, write it all down, be specific and let all of your fears out onto the page.

  • What are the ways you allow your Self to stay small, feel like you’re not “enough”? Write down or really get real about your self-imposed limitations (we ALL do this, so don’t put your Self down in any way or feel embarrassed)


  • Next, really explore what’s the BEST possible thing that could happen if you were to allow your Self to create from your heart and soul that thing that you are passionate about. Write about all the ways that you would feel if you could just BE in THAT space, living life in the best possible way imaginable.

  • Now that you know what it will feel like and what being in that creative space looks like for you, begin to formulate a way to take just one step toward that creative goal. Then think of the next step, and the next, and the next. Put things on your calendar to work toward that amazing thing you’re creating. Maybe it’s a new website. Maybe it’s cleaning your office or your garage so you have space to create or build or paint or dance.

NOW what do you do?

You can share with me in the comments below all the ways these explorations helped empower you to get out of your own way, to get out of your head and into your heart, and to really start being in that beautiful space of the Nu…the New…the beginning where All.The.Things are possible!

I’d love to hear all about how you used this Egyptian wisdom in your life!