Eclipses, Equinoxes and Pyramids....oh, my!

This past week has been a powerful one celestially speaking...the energy lingering from the solar eclipse, the Vernal Equinox and the lunar eclipse just this morning!  Add to that the energy of golden pyramids and a giant statue of Rameses and, well....what an amazing ride!  

I had a meeting this past weekend in Chicago for the Global Pyramid Conference (which you really MUST check out, BTW!) and went to visit the Gold Pyramid House just north of the city about an hour or so.  Yes, it is amazing and magical and I can't wait to get a closer look in a few short weeks.  It is a home, 1/9 the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza and is coated in gold ... and a 55 foot statue of Ramses guards the entrance. Visiting the area on the Equinox made this trip extra special.  It reminded me of the blossoming that Egypt brings to my soul, even when it is not at the forefront of my thoughts.  It reminded me of the sweet way Unas explained to me my Akashic Records from the wall carvings inside his pyramid.  It reminded me of my journey and that the best stories are sometimes the messy ones because there is more texture to feel and explore and understand.

I also took some time to spend with my camera along the lake to feel the wind and smell the sand and hear the waves and feel alive...connected by this place that lays on the outskirts of the Skyscraper Forest.  I allowed myself to get lost in my art, to mess with the buttons and try new things, to set up shots I knew how to get and some that I experimented with.  I watched the Canadian Geese ride the waves into shore and then back out over the water.  I looked at the city and felt at home....alone but at home.  Still searching but okay with that feeling.  

Feeling supported.

The goddess Neith is one whose presence I have felt quietly but gently the past few months.  Working so closely with Mut right now (which has been so astounding and I cannot WAIT to share all she has to teach in my upcoming workshops with her!) has Neith tucked into the background a bit but she is there.  

Part of the message of Neith is that of being alone.  She created her world around her from within herself.  No one was there to help her.  No one was there to instruct her.  No one was there to hang out with when she was tired.  She did it...she pulled all of life from deep within herself. One of the ways she led me to share in my Intro to Egyptian Gods andGoddesses course was to spend time near the water.  I had forgotten that little nugget of wisdom but in teaching the class a few weeks ago she pointed that out to me.  

Where did I wait an additional 4 weeks to live?  

What was I most drawn to be near the past 6-9 months? 


I waited for my apartment because it was situated on the little pond.  I chose to live very near a very large body of water and State Park. 

Hmmmm....lessons in being alone.  And those lessons are hard!  Every day!  I want a net to fall into held by someone else.  I want to hear encouragement from others.  I want NOT to be alone all the time. lesson right now is in being alone.  Being okay with being with just me.  Being okay with who I am and who I used to be.  Creating myself and my new reality and the pure adventure of it.  Pulling all of me out of the depths of myself and remembering that my Strong is there even when I can't feel it in the darkness.

Neith is sweet that way and I am grateful to her each morning when I look out my window at that little pond.  

And each time I go to Chicago I find myself along the water's edge. Being.  Creating. Finding myself....again and again...and feeling stronger each time.