The Day I Forgot What Day it Was

I don't remember if the alarm went off, but I sort of think it did.  I didn't remember what day it was, but I was pretty sure I did!  I laid there, soaking in all the yummy-ness of just waking up and thinking over my dreams and mulling over what they might mean.  

The night before I had watched the movie, Eddie the Eagle again to give myself a pep-talk because I was excited and nervous about the launch of my biggest online course offer EVER and had decided that today was my day off!  I had noticed a friend's post on Facebook that she was going to be at the state fairgrounds for a dog show and I thought it would be nice to go visit her, see her new paintings, and take pictures of some dogs.  Being separated from my animals has been a very hard thing for me during the past year and a half and I miss them very much.  Going to a dog show or a horse show gives me a little relief but it's not quite the same, you know?

I took my time getting ready, put on my new glasses, got my camera, grabbed my long lens and headed out the door.  When I got to the parking lot I was surprised at the small number of cars in the lot.  At this time I thought it was Saturday but the lack of attendance didn't alert me to my erroneous calendar awareness.  There was a brisk breeze that quickened my steps from the car into the building and I was happy to get inside.

Have you ever been to a dog show?  There are loads of dogs!!!!  Crates, cages, show rings, laps, and tables full of dogs!  The smell of dog shampoo hit me as soon as I walked in and I was really grateful I wasn't allergic to dogs! It was like walking into a beauty parlor seeing all the dogs up on the tables being groomed, their long silky hair brushing out to a perfect shine and fur from their heads held back by bows.

I had a lovely visit with my friend, Mary Clouse, who had her booth set up to do pet readings and sell her books and new paintings.  Her paintings were absolutely beautiful and I had no idea that she had majored in fine art in college!  With my focus on the Soul for my clients, in music (Soul Songs) and in photography (Soul Essence Portrait Sessions) I found it fascinating to see her newest offerings, Intuitive Personal Paintings. There is really something special that our souls need at this time as so many of us intuitives are being led to heal and balance the soul.  I think souls are craving expression and desiring deeply to be seen and acknowledged.

I looked around for a showbill to see what breeds were in each ring and saw that they had some out for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

"Friday?"  I thought.  "Why do they still have showbills out for Friday?!"

I promptly grabbed the one labeled Saturday but couldn't figure out where the obedience classes were being held so I asked someone.  

"Oh, those will be held tomorrow,"  they said.  

Well, that was my first glimpse into what day it was!  I was totally thrown off!!!  So I went back to the table and grabbed a Friday showbill and headed to a ring where the Basset Hounds were going to be showing soon.

On the way I walked around the show and took some pictures of some of the other breeds and then I saw the Basset Hounds!!!!  Oh, my goodness!!!!    They sure were adorable and  made me miss Copper, our Basset/Beagle cross.  I just adore that little guy!!! 

Anyway, I had a great time seeing the dogs and one of the Basset breeders from Greenwood sat and chatted with me for a while.  They have 5 of them and breed them every 2 years or so.  

Can you even imagine those puppies!!!!????  I would be like Melissa McCarthy in the movie Bridesmaids and take ALL the puppies home!!!!   Fortunately, there were no Basset Hound puppies at the show!

My new glasses, while I do enjoy them for seeing things far away, were making me tired.  My eyes are getting used to them and I hear that can take up to 4 weeks!!!  Things that are mid-way distant are hard to focus on and the window for reading is soooooo.veryyyyyyy.smallllllll.  I do not like them for reading, which is extremely frustrating.  I headed back home and decided to take a nap, but I checked in on my advertising links for my course to see how it was doing out there.  While scrolling, I noticed that there was a free painting class that evening for the full moon and since I have been wanting to paint and some of my friends have started painting/gone back to painting, I thought this lunar eclipse moon night would be the perfect night.  That made nap-time short, but it would be something I would regret not going to.  I double checked the day...yes, it was Friday.  Yes, today was Friday!

So I set my alarm, fell asleep right before it went off and got up sleepily to head out to my next full moon adventure.  There were a handful of ladies there already and then a few more showed up.  We were instructed to get an amethyst from a basket and to choose three colors from another basket without looking.

I chose my three random colors from the basket (I got red, black, and turquoise), put all the colors on the paper and picked out two brushes.  I sat there just looking at the white canvas and sort of scryed what was on the blank white surface.The brushes seemed too distant and sterile and so I painted most of the painting with my fingers, which felt really good!

I painted the dark night sky and the full moon eclipsed and the fire of leo coming up from under the mountain like a volcanic eruption and a sky filled with stars and hearts.  I put a black "A" on the lower right corner to signify that it was mine, in a "scarlet letter" sort of way I suppose.

The painting process I enjoyed...seeing it through my new glasses was difficult.  I couldn't figure out where to look through them to see things in focus and moved the canvas all around to see small areas at a time.  Somehow I made it through and I believe the finished painting is in focus!

When we finished our paintings, we didn't get to take them home with us. They were donated and the sales would go toward a local charity/cause in the community.  It was an exercise of letting go, non attachment, and surrender.

I left the store and noticed the full moon high in the sky and loved seeing her through the naked branches of the trees reaching up toward her light. When I returned home, I got into my soft jammies, had a bowl of Frosted Flakes for dinner and slept peacefully.

It was a good day...and tomorrow would be Saturday.  Again!


*****  My painting is available at the Playful Soul in Broad Ripple if you would like to purchase it.  If you do, I'd love to know!