Living....really LIVING!!!

One of the things I have been most conscious of over the past few months has been where my mind is and what it is focusing on as its perception of my world.  The past two years have been challenging as I have moved through this being separated-Thing and.....

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Skydiving Naked with a Monkey on my Back

I walked in the woods today, a kaleidoscope of colors. To track through the muddy trails I wore my hiking boots, my orange and grey yoga pants, and my blue rain jacket that was doubling as a windbreaker. I looked up into the branches of the bare trees above me listening to the calls of birds that I....

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The Bed

Last night I slept in the middle of the bed.  

It may seem like a strange statement but I’ve been separated for over a year and a half now and still sleep on “my” side of the bed.  

Until last night....

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Humming with Hathor

The Egyptian Goddess Hathor came to me years ago while sitting on the floor of a darkened room, propped with my back up against the wall in a channeling class in central Indiana.  I had never heard of her before but she was

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The Day I Forgot What Day it Was

I don't remember if the alarm went off, but I sort of think it did.  I didn't remember what day it was, but I was pretty sure I did!  I laid there, soaking in all the yummy-ness of just waking up and thinking over my dreams and mulling over what they might mean.  

The night before I had watched the movie, Eddie the Eagle again to give myself a....

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Hathor, Goddess of the Moon

The Egyptian goddess Hathor is a goddess of fertility, celebrations, protection, the arts, beauty, and the moon. She is also a goddess of music.  She dances with my fingers across the strings of my harp and while Nuit initially shared with me how to use numerology to write music, Hathor has led me into a new

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Hathor Makes Her Presence Known

The first time I met Hathor, she introduced herself to me in a channeling workshop.  We were all seated in a circle, the lights of the room were turned off so that we were in utter darkness, and a cd of music played that was designed to bring us into a trance-like state so that we could move deep into a meditative state and meet or invoke the Being that......

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Swimming in the Nile

The Nile River is an amazing vein of magic that runs through the heart of Egypt.  It carries the boats and tourists.  It carries the hopes and dreams of the people who live along its banks.  It carried the body of Osiris and the tears of Isis.  The land of Egypt and the stories from the waters and the sands of Timelessness there have been able to reach me in....

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A Prayer for the Coming Year

I posted a photo of myself floating in the Nile on Facebook and a friend commented, "You were in de-nile?!"  Clever but perhaps true.  As much as I've tried getting in touch with my Self more and creating happiness in my life through the really hard stuff, I am sure that there are areas that I was more than happy to just keep denial.  It's peaceful there, you know, when you don't really deal with the uncomfortable thing that is downright uncomfortable to deal with. 

IDK about you, but for me I want this year to be different.  Yes, full of magic and adventure with its fair share of rainbows and unicorns and cupcakes but also a year of new.....

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Between the Paws of the Sphinx

When the time came to meet the Sphinx I was ready.

The Sphinx:  The day started early.  I woke at 2:30 for our 5 am wake-up call!  We were heading to the Sphinx for sunrise.  I laid in bed resting until 4:45 then got up to take my shower.  We all met in the lobby then boarded the large tour bus which took us to the Pyramid complex just down the street.  The entry to the Pyramids is gated and heavily

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An Orgy in the Heavens

We are barely into January and already it feels like a lifetime.  The planets are spinning over us and our hearts are aligning with our destiny in the is an astronomical/astrological orgy in the heavens that we are drawn to, being seduced.....

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Dreaming in Egypt

On my first night in Egypt I went to bed in awe of the reality of sleeping in the shadow of the Pyramids.  Oh, my gosh I was here!!!  I was actually HERE!!!  This place of sand and temples and mysticism that had somehow touched me so deeply and so personally from so far away... somehow.  Unexplainable but truly and undeniably real.  

My roomie was already

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